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Dog Bites Attorneys in Atlanta, GA

There are over 90 million dogs in the United States, according to a study done by the American Pet Products Association. Local shelters in Savannah, Macon, and Columbus often run adoption specials and have "clear the shelter" events to find homes for America's favorite four-legged friend. Unfortunately, many families underestimate the amount of early and consistent care, training, and upkeep pet ownership requires. There are hundreds of dog breeds, each call for unique ways of training, differing energy levels, and temperament. Each pet also has its own personality that owners must learn and accommodate to meet their dog's needs. External factors, such as socialization, stress, and unfamiliar situations, can also impact a dog's behavior. When new pet parents adopt a dog without fully understanding each of these factors, it can, unfortunately, cause serious issues. Even seemingly friendly animals with unmanaged stress triggers have bitten others, which is why owners and victims must understand the Georgia dog bite laws.

The Causes of Dog Bites

You likely have heard a pet owner tell someone that their dog is friendly and would love attention despite the obvious look of discomfort on the pet's face. Owners often disregard common signs of stress and agitation in their pets, either due to lack of knowledge or a personal bias. As a result, dogs may find themselves in stressful situations. Owners must teach their dogs how to calmly and appropriately handle potential stress triggers. This type of owner negligence is one of the most common reasons dog bites occur, especially in seemingly friendly animals. Additionally, animals cannot communicate or process pain in the same way humans do. Therefore, unmanaged health issues due to lack of proper veterinary care can cause a dog to lash out and lead to serious bodily injury.

Instinctual Reactions
and Premises Liability

Some dogs, either through trauma or instinct, have certain behaviors that can lead to attacks. For instance, former stray dogs often struggle with resource guarding and may attack out of fear if they decide to guard food, water, or even a favorite toy. By nature, dogs often also exhibit territorial or protective behaviors that manifest as aggression. Negligent owners often encourage these behaviors, suggesting that their dog "protects their house" by growling, barking, or fixating on guests. Unfortunately, these behaviors lead individuals like delivery drivers and postal workers to be attacked by a dog in cases. These individuals may choose to sue owners for their injuries. Georgia law states that individuals legally on private property, such as postal workers and delivery drivers, can sue if they are attacked by a dog while working. Dog owners remain liable for injuries caused by their pet, even when not home, assuming the individual was not breaking any laws by entering the property.

Liability in Georgia

Many owners fail to understand the liability of owning and handling a dog in Georgia. The Georgia dog bite law clearly states that owners are liable when their dog attacks another person or animal. For the victim to file a civil case and reclaim damages through the court system, they must prove that they were bitten by a "vicious" or "dangerous" dog. The Georgia dog bite law defines "vicious" or "dangerous" in many ways. Most commonly, this means dog bite victims must prove that the dog should have been at the heel or restrained and that the attack was otherwise unprovoked. Finally, victims must also prove that the attack occurred due to owner negligence. Negligence can include lack of proper training, socialization, lack of proper restraint, or other behavioral issues.

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Ultimately, Georgia dog bite law states that pet owners are liable when their dog attacks or seriously injures another person or animal. Therefore, owners must educate themselves on training and caring for their pets to avoid potential serious bodily injury lawsuits. Being attacked by a dog can often be a traumatic, life-changing experience that can lead to costly medical bills. We're here to help you navigate the legal system, answer any questions you have about the Georgia dog bite law, and help you seek compensation for your injuries.

Dog Bite Attorneys in Atlanta, Georgia

Our passion is helping others, which is why we are here to serve clients in Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding areas. Whether you're an animal lover who simply wants compensation for their injuries or you suffered serious, life-threatening injuries due to owner negligence, we are here to help. Together, we have over seven years of experience working with clients to navigate the legal aftermath of a dog bite. Our goal is to provide open, honest guidance to clients and help to make informed legal decisions that meet their needs. We are proud to serve the Atlanta, Georgia, community, and the surrounding areas of Savannah, Macon, and Columbus.